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All of our programs employ our mission and our four key initiatives: dance, sisterhood, leadership, and life-skills; helping brown girls we serve to become the best possible versions of themselves. 


The Study of Dance and Sisterhood


Spring Session

Duration: 8 weeks

The spring session highlights creativity, originality, dance and energetic understanding. These four principals are taught to the participants through various conduits such as: tone and stretch training, dance principles and fundamentals, creative movement, rhythmic coordination, health and wellness. As a dancer, it is important that one knows their body's capabilities, strengths and range. During this eight week course, we will focus on the mind, body, spirit and dance technique needed to evolve into a well-rounded dancer and individual. In addition, we will provide the dance accessories (yoga mat and proper stretching essentials) needed, along with healthy lunches for energy support. This session is considered an intensive dance training course, however we believe this session will help support your daughter in hopes of her enrollment in our summer and winter dance camps. Due to the heavy emphasis on training and development, there is not a showcase at the end of this session. Instead, there will be a small celebration to award the participants for completing the session. 



Changing Hearts and Rebuilding Through Mentoring, Etiquette & Dance

Summer and Fall/Winter Session

Duration: 8 weeks 

The summer and winter sessions are better known as our "Dance Camps". Our dance camps consist of multiple styles of dance such as: Hip-Hop, Liturgical, and Broadway. Each session includes six different dance styles that the participants will learn throughout the duration of the camp. In addition to learning the different dance styles, that are also taught different life and social skills. These skills include but not limited to hygiene, sisterhood and self-confidence. Coupled with the life skills are creative activities. The creative activities includes artistic engagement and keepsakes that the girls can cherish forever.  Also, the participants are granted a field trip or end of camp celebration during each dance camp. At the end of each dance camp, there is a showcase for family and friends. We can assure you that once your child becomes a Charm Girl, you will see her confidence increase, a change in her attitude and an increase in friendship (sisterhood). 

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