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Meet us on the 50-Yard Line!

Join us as we celebrate HBCU Majorette on Sunday, May 29th. This is an energized and informative class open to all girls of all dance levels, ages 10-15. Come learn the fundamentals of majorette dance including struts and stands with our guest instructor who is a HBCU dance line alumnae, Lea Green. 


This class will teach the basics of HBCU Majorette dance, build confidence and show you the true definition of sisterhood within HBCU dance teams. From choreographed stands — routines done entirely in the bleachers — with hard-hitting performances that personify marching band music, this is an exhilarating master class that you do not want to miss! 


Bring your water, smile, sass, and positive energy! Let's get ready to work!

Majorette Flyer.png
About HBCU Majorette Dance 

Majorette dance originated from Historically Black Colleges and Universities’ specifically marching band programs. It is a mix of jazz, modern, hip-hop, gymnastics and a whole lot of energy! 


Historically black colleges and universities are known for everything they stand for from the beginning of time and all that they represent, particularly the exquisite dance lines and the significance they hold. Individuals who have never been to an HBCU will never comprehend the traditions of the colleges. The exciting elements of an HBCU includes the Greek life, cheer, distinctive social groups, campus organizations, and especially the marching band/dance team.

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