Strangers who met in college and turned sisters, decided to put their #browngirlmagic and creative minds together, and invented a powerful movement for young girls everywhere: The Charm Girl.

Jasmine Allen



Chabria Hill


"Black girls need someone they can relate to, or who looks like them. It's important that as black women we create and redefine our own image of black beauty, and what it means to have power."

- Phenom Shakur

Mentors & Volunteers

The Charm School Project for Girls would not be complete without the help and dedication of our mentors and volunteers.

Each individual dedicates their hard work, time and patience to inspire and empower our Charm Girls. Passion and the desire to "give back" to our youth and community are just a few characteristics that these women have in common. All of our mentors have different backgrounds and expertise. It is important that we surround our girls with versatile minds and talents. 

Kayla Dry
Aria Franklin
Ja'Nyah Irby
Janay Jacobs
Janya Turner
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Your favorite girls club for brown girls.

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