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At The Charm School Project for Girls, Inc., we help young girls develop their skills and confidence through a variety of programs that exercises our mission and key focus areas into practice. Provided throughout the year, our programs are geared to provide a safe space and outlet that allows students to enhance their physical, mental and emotional health. Once your child becomes a Charm Girl, you will see her confidence increase, a change in her attitude and an increase in friendship (sisterhood). 


The Study of Sisterhood & Dance

Our spring session, Charm-o-logy, helps students from ages 4 to 15, channel their inner charm by exploring diverse dance styles, technical training and good practices for the mind, body and spirit. This session is tailor-made for students to elevate their technical and artistic abilities through various conduits such as: tone and stretch, dance principles and fundamentals, creative movement, rhythmic coordination; and health and wellness. During this eight week course, we will focus on the mind, body, spirit and dance technique needed to not only evolve into a well-rounded dancer, but a confident individual also.

2024 Registration Closed


Changing Hearts and Rebuilding through Mentorship, Etiquette & Dance

C.H.A.R.M.E.D., best known as our summer and winter sessions consist of multiple styles of dance such as, hip-hop, jazz, and liturgical. During each session, students, ages 4 to 15, will learn at least three different dance styles. In addition to learning different dance styles, students will also learn different life and social skills including, but not limited to, hygiene, sisterhood and self-confidence. Coupled with the life skills are creative activities. The creative activities includes artistic engagement and keepsakes that the girls can cherish forever.  At the end of the session, there is a showcase for family and friends. 

Register Opens in May

Charm University

Promoting Future Success through Sisterhood

Charm University's mission is to empower and inspire teen girls to become the best version of themselves as they embark on their journey of becoming a young adult. In addition, we prepare students to be college-bound and career-focused, while providing diverse resources that will educate students in different facets of life and promote future success. 

Register Opens in April
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