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At The Charm School Project for Girls, Inc., we are dedicated to empowering young girls to reach their full potential. Our focus is on inspiring them to follow their dreams, believe in themselves, and never give up on their goals. We provide a positive support system through performing arts, life skill programs, and events that help girls build confidence and self-esteem. Since 2016, we have been committed to making a difference in the lives of girls, targeting ages 4-19, by leveraging their unique potential and equipping them with the tools necessary to succeed.


in charm, we believe!

Areas of Focus

Curating change in young girls through creative and artistic initiatives and collaborations.



We believe that all students should learn the core skills of developing leadership. Leadership is proven to boost self-esteem and confidence. Our mentors and staff empower our students to be open and unique, create positive change, take responsibility and make unselfish decisions. One of our goals are to create future leaders for generations to come. 

in charm, we trust!

Transforming Lives through Mentorship

Black and Brown girls have a higher rate of experiencing mental and emotional trauma through their school or home life. Additionally in the age of social media, the mental, emotional and physical effects on the mindset of our youth can have a detrimental effect on their productivity. Here at TCSPFG, we aim to address the needs of Black and Brown girls by providing a safe place for them to express themselves and learn how to live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.


in charm, we care!


The Founders

Meet Jasmine Allen and Chabria Hill decided to put their #browngirlmagic and creative minds together, and invented a powerful movement for young girls everywhere: The Charm Girl.


Two strangers turned sisters, members of two different sororities, from two different backgrounds with one agenda: to promote growth and elevation of Black and Brown girls.


Outside of their careers, they work around the clock to ensure that the organization is growing and providing all it can offer for the community and girls everywhere. 

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