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Join us for The Charm with Purpose Retreat Girls Retreat at River Rally Ranch in Manchester, Maryland. This transformative weekend adventure promotes self-connection, mindfulness, and the power of brown girl magic. Participants will get the chance to experience team building, self-awareness, confidence building, and inspiring workshops focused on reconnecting with oneself. In addition, each participant will leave renewed with new inspiration, profound gratitude, and the motivation to embrace one’s true self. Your daughter will not want to miss this opportunity to connect, learn, and celebrate her uniqueness and purpose!


Immerse your daughter in a meaningful and empowering experience at our retreat. Through group discussions, special guest appearances, and thoughtfully curated activities, we aim to inspire and empower each participant. Every session within the retreat is purposefully designed to connect with each girl individually, encouraging social-thinking exercises that will help make a lasting impact. Our weekend retreat will truly make a difference in your daughter's future.

Event Details

River Valley Ranch

4443 Grave Run Road

Manchester, MD 21102


Overnight Retreat

  • Ages: 10-16

  • Dates: 2024 dates TBA

Special Guests

  • TBA

“Our goal is to provide a nurturing space where young girls can connect, discover inspiration, cultivate gratitude, and gain the motivation to embrace their authentic selves. We strive to foster an environment where they can learn to value and appreciate their unique qualities and purpose in life.”

Our retreat offers a transformative experience that will positively impact your daughter's self-perception and relationships with others. Packed with valuable tools and skills, it will empower her to become a confident, healthy, and compassionate young lady. Let your daughter unwind and indulge her senses with the perfect blend of nature, gentle movement, dance, and relaxation. Laugh, have fun, and nourish her body, mind, and spirit. This weekend promises to be an unforgettable journey of growth, joy, and holistic well-being.


The retreat package includes balanced lunches and snacks, along with all the necessary art supplies and fitness/yoga components. During registration, we can accommodate any food allergies your daughter may have. With limited spaces available, we recommend reserving your daughter's spot soon. Each activity group will consist of 5-16 girls, supported by 3-4 staff members. The price covers the retreat fee, all activities, accommodations, and meals, providing a comprehensive experience for your daughter. 

  • RVR Activities

  • Yoga and Meditation 

  • Bonfire Mastermind Chat

  • Team Building Initiatives

  • Nature Hike

  • Interactive Workshops

  • Dance Workshop

Target Themes
  • Sisterhood/Friendship 

  • Team Building

  • Leadership

  • Gratitude 

  • Inspiration

  • Positive Thinking

  • Self-Care

  • Philanthropy 

Fee Details

More Details Coming Soon!

*Fundraising opportunities available to help with retreat fee. Students must be registered in order to participate in fundraiser.


*Email us to be added to our wait list*

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Become a sponsor and help us create an unforgettable weekend. For sponsorship inquiries, email us at Your support will enhance our events and activities, making a difference in the lives of participants.

Join us in creating lasting memories and empowering experiences.

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For additional inquiries or questions, please email: or call: 410-657-2209.

Charm with a Purpose Girls Retreat is powered by The Charm School Project for Girls, Inc.

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