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“CHARM  with a  PURPOSE”

Powered by The Charm School Project for Girls, Inc. & Jarvis Moss Shepherd Foundation
Curated for all Brown Girls

Join us for our first inaugural girls retreat, “Charm with a Purpose Girls Retreat, ” taking place September 24th-26th, nestled in Manchester, Maryland at River Rally Ranch.


Our retreat helps promote opportunities that will connect melanin, mindfulness and brown girl magic. The retreat focus areas include team building, self-awareness, confidence building and sisterhood. We will also discuss many topics relevant to the everyday life of a growing girl with intentional workshops. In addition, there will be group discussions, guest speakers and activities to evoke a meaningful experience that empowers your daughter's future. Each session within the retreat will be purposefully facilitated to connect with each participant and provide social-thinking exercises to ensure a weekend of fun experiences and self-awareness. 


All participants will have the weekend to experience a safe and engaging outlet with the opportunity to connect with their peers, discover their inspiration, practice gratitude and embody the motivation to not only be their true selves, but also learn to truly value and appreciate their uniqueness and purpose. 

Event Details

River Valley Ranch

4443 Grave Run Road

Manchester, MD 21102


Overnight Retreat

  • Ages: 10-15

  • September 24th - 26th
    (Friday - Sunday)

Guest Hosts

  • Nicole Baker

  • Chanda Reynolds

  • Queen D

  • Janay Jacobs

What's Included

  • Transportation

  • Lodging

  • Meals

  • Activities & Supplies

We aim to create an outlet where young girls can connect, find inspiration, gratitude and the motivation to not only be their true selves, but also learn to truly value and appreciate their uniqueness and purpose.

With all of the activities packed into one weekend, you can be confident that our retreat will change the way your daughter views herself and others. This retreat will deliver many of the tools and skills required to help all participants grow into a self-assured, confident and empowering young woman. Allow your daughter to take time to let down and fill her senses with the perfect balance of nature, gentle movement, dance and relaxation. We can assure you that your daughter will laugh, have fun, and be well-nourished throughout the mind, body and spirit!


The retreat includes balanced lunches and snacks, special activities and workshops, and a chance to enjoy special guests. Food allergies can be accommodated during registration.

Note: Our activity groups will range from 5-15 participants with 3-4 staff members.


  • Low Ropes & Bouldering Wall

  • Giant Swing

  • Yoga and Meditation

  • Bomb Fire Mastermind Chat

  • Horse Trail Rides

  • Team Building Initiatives

  • Nature Hike

  • Interactive Workshops

  • Dance Workshop

Target Themes

  • Sisterhood & Friendship 

  • Team Building

  • Leadership

  • Gratitude 

  • Inspiration

  • Positive Thinking

  • Self-Care

  • Philanthropy 


Register  your daughter today! 

For: Girls (10-15 years old)

Dates: September 24-26th

Registration Fee: $50 

Cost: $250 (Includes: transportation, meals, activities, supplies and lodging) 

Limited spots available! We recommend you reserve your daughters spot at your earliest convenience.

Guest Speakers

WJZ Channel 13 News Anchor

Nicole Baker

Queen D_edited_edited.jpg

CEO of BodyWERK Fitness

Queen D


Dr. Chanda Reynolds

Licensed Psychologist


Janay Jacobs

Licensed Yoga and Wellness Instructor

Sponsorships & Donations

We welcome all businesses, corporations, groups and individuals to help sponsor and/or donate. Sponsorships and donations will allow us to supply top tier supplies and experiences for all participants. Any help is greatly appreciated. Make a difference in lives today and help us provide a unforgettable experience!

For more information regarding sponsorships, please send an email to for a sponsorship packet. 

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